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Heating Appliances Retrofit Planning

Motivating consumers to plan the replacement of their heating systems for a more efficient alternative

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HARP will develop an application providing consumers with an indicative assessment of the performance and costs of their heating system

and accompany them in the replacement process, informing about efficient alternatives, benefits and support schemes.

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The Heat You Know – Get to know efficient heating through a HARP game!

Energy efficient heating technologies can help to tackle climate targets by reducing CO₂ emissions but there is a lot of information relating to efficient heating. This can make access to knowledge difficult and practical solutions can be hard to obtain. Knowing about heating and efficient solutions can help the climate goals and in order to […]

HARP partners in Portugal present National Seminar on Efficient Heating

On 28 October 2021, the Portuguese HARP partners promoted the 1st National Seminar about Energy Efficient Heating within the HARP project. Targeting organisations working in the field of energy, consumers rights and environment and sustainability, it involved more than 30 participants to discuss strategies and tools to better reach and motivate consumers to replace their […]

Efficient heating solutions with just a few clicks – It’s time to discover the updated HARP online tool

The way we heat our homes in the EU today weighs heavily on the environment and our household budgets. This is why the HARP project has developed an online tool which will enable consumers in 5 EU countries to assess the energy efficiency of their installed heating appliance, and support them in finding a more […]