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Heating Appliances Retrofit Planning

Motivating consumers to plan the replacement of their heating systems for a more efficient alternative

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HARP will develop an application providing consumers with an indicative assessment of the performance and costs of their heating system

and accompany them in the replacement process, informing about efficient alternatives, benefits and support schemes.

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Meet us at Sustainable Places 2021!

The HARP project has been selected to participate in the 2021 edition of Sustainable Places and will be presenting the workshop ‘Motivating consumers to use more efficient heating systems’ at the conference. This virtual workshop aims at raising awareness on the opportunities underlying the planned replacement of old and inefficient heating appliances. HARP project coordinator […]

First round of national heating campaigns: bringing the HARP tool to consumers & professionals

The HARP partners have launched their first national heating campaigns to promote the use of the HARP tool and encourage the uptake of efficient heating solutions. In France, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Spain national-level activities have informed consumers & professionals about the recently launched HARP online tool with the aim to raise awareness about the inefficiency […]

An energy label for installed heating with just a few clicks: Discover the HARP online tool!

The way we heat our homes in the EU today weighs heavily on the environment and our household budgets. Today the HARP project releases an online tool which will enable consumers in 5 EU countries to assess the energy efficiency of their installed heating appliance, and support them in finding a more efficient alternative. As […]