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Heating Appliances Retrofit Planning

Motivating consumers to plan the replacement of their heating systems for a more efficient alternative

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HARP will develop an application providing consumers with an indicative assessment of the performance and costs of their heating system

and accompany them in the replacement process, informing about efficient alternatives, benefits and support schemes.

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Heating Appliances Retrofit Planning

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Meet us at the Sustainable Places Conference in June!

HARP partners will be participating to the Sustainable Places Conference on 3-5 June in Aix-les-Bains, France. This will be an occasion for interested stakeholders to find out more about the HARP project and interact with us directly. The Sustainable Places Conference is an international gathering providing a platform for research dissemination, collaboration, networking and the […]

First results of gathering data & evidence: 2nd meeting of HARP partners in Brussels

Nine months after the start of the project, HARP partners came together for the second project meeting on 29-30 January. Hosted in Brussels by ECOS, the meeting allowed for a general review of the project’s progress as well as for in-depth discussions about first results and upcoming deliverables. At this stage of the project, much […]

Fill in our survey to help us make heating more efficient

The HARP project has launched a survey to understand what motivates customers to switch to a more efficient heating system: is it the prospect of saving money ? reducing CO2 emissions ? an improved indoor air quality ? Knowing this will help us develop an online application that will motivate as many individuals as possible […]