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Fill in our survey to help us make heating more efficient

The HARP project has launched a survey to understand what motivates customers to switch to a more efficient heating system: is it the prospect of saving money ? reducing CO2 emissions ? an improved indoor air quality ?

Knowing this will help us develop an online application that will motivate as many individuals as possible to retrofit their heating systems, promoting the benefits and advantages that matter most.

The application will allow consumers to know how their installed heating system scores on the energy label scale and propose tailored alternatives, highlighting their benefits and the existing financial incentives.

We now need your insights to get this right!

If you are ready to help us make heating more efficient and lower the energy demand across Europe, then fill in this short survey and have a direct impact!

We have a translated version of the survey for each of the countries HARP is focusing on:
Spanish: Cuestionario en español
German: Umfrage auf Deutsch
French: Enquête en français
Italian: Questionario in italiano
Portuguese: Questionário em português

Why is this important?
Heating and hot water production represents 80% of the energy demand of EU households, and 84% of this energy is still generated from fossil fuels. Sadly, most people do not think about their heating system until it breaks! Did you know about the advantages to planning a retrofit of your heating system, including money and energy savings?

About the project:
HARP (Heating Appliances Retrofit Planning) is a project funded by the EU Horizon 2020 programme aiming to raise consumer awareness on the inefficiency of their heating systems and to accompany them in adopting efficient alternatives.