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HARP webinar in France closes first round of National Expert Meetings

Our partners in France will hold their first National Expert Forum meeting online on 22 July at 11:30 CET in the form of a webinar.

With the meeting organised on French level next Wednesday, all countries targeted by HARP will have held their first National Expert Forum, bringing together professionals, consumers and other relevant stakeholders linked to the heating market as well as national initiatives. Trough these fora our partners are building a supporting network in their countries in order to facilitate the implementation of the HARP online application for more efficient heating.

You can participate in the online meeting via the following link and connection details:

We will publish an overview of the first round of forum meetings in each country soon – stay tuned!

About the project:
HARP (Heating Appliances Retrofit Planning) is a project funded by the EU Horizon 2020 programme aiming to raise consumer awareness on the inefficiency of their heating systems and to accompany them in adopting efficient alternatives.