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Latest Reading: Get to know the HARP Labelling Methodologies

Labelling of installed, older heating appliances is the core purpose of the soon-to-be-launched HARP online tool which will motivate and support consumers to switch to more efficient heating systems. Our recently published reports explain how the HARP labelling methodologies have been defined and how they are applied in practice in the online tool.

Take a look at our two new reports. You can also find them and more interesting materials in our resources area.

Labelling methodologies and validation report

This report presents the methodologies HARP defined to produce a label for installed space heating and water heating appliances. The labelling methodologies are compliant with EU regulations 811/2013 and 812/2013.

Guideline for the application of the labelling methodologies for installed appliances

These guidelines present the step-by-step implementation of the labelling methodologies for installed space heating and water heating appliances.

Find out about the reports in a nutshell!

What is this about?

An energy label for installed space heating and water heating appliances has been defined, in compliance with the current EU regulation.
This will make it possible to compare installed, older appliances with new, more efficient ones and will help the user understand the level of (in)efficiency of his/her installed appliance.

Why does this matter?

59% of installed space heating appliances are rated as class C or D while there are many efficient alternatives on the market and the replacement rate of old and inefficient appliances is currently about only 4% per year.

How were the results reached?

In order to set up the HARP labeling methodology, our partners followed several steps:

  • Evaluation of EU regulation & EU standards
  • Development of methodologies compliant to EU regulations 811/2013 and 812/2013 (Simplified method for a common user & detailed method for a professional user)
  • Validation of over 5000 appliances (Space heating and water heating)

Next steps: In what way will the documents be used?

The documents outline the methodology used by the HARP online tool for calculating the energy label of old heating appliances.

About the project:
HARP (Heating Appliances Retrofit Planning) is a project funded by the EU Horizon 2020 programme aiming to raise consumer awareness on the inefficiency of their heating systems and to accompany them in adopting efficient alternatives.