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New reading: learn about co-benefits of heating solutions

As part of the preparatory work for the HARP online tool (to be launched on 25 January 2021), we undertook a study on the co-benefits of switching to more efficient heating solutions (improved comfort, air quality…). The aim of this study was to identify and assess the set of co-benefits associated with each heating solution and technology as well as their relevance in the decision making process for the replacement of existing heating systems. We also looked into quantifying the monetary value of co-benefits stemming from the replacement of old appliances.

Read the report about the study here.

The most common arguments promoting investments into energy efficiency, such as new heating systems, look at potential energy and economic savings. Our report on co-benefits shows that there are additional advantages which are often not explored but should be considered to understand the real value of investments and make informed decisions about adoption of new technologies.

In the scope of the HARP project, the results of the study will be used to tailor information campaigns towards the most valued co-benefits in each national context, as well as to support robust cost-benefit analyses.

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About the project:
HARP (Heating Appliances Retrofit Planning) is a project funded by the EU Horizon 2020 programme aiming to raise consumer awareness on the inefficiency of their heating systems and to accompany them in adopting efficient alternatives.