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Meet us at Sustainable Places 2021!

The HARP project has been selected to participate in the 2021 edition of Sustainable Places and will be presenting the workshop ‘Motivating consumers to use more efficient heating systems’ at the conference. This virtual workshop aims at raising awareness on the opportunities underlying the planned replacement of old and inefficient heating appliances.

HARP project coordinator ADENE will start by introducing HARP and the project’s mission of raising consumers’ awareness to the benefits and opportunities underlying the planned replacement of their old and inefficient heating appliance. This idea will be connected to the goal of accelerating the European replacement rate for heating systems, actively contributing to the reduction of energy demand in buildings, in line with the energy efficiency targets set by the EU. These introductions will be followed by insightful presentations on topics related to HARP’s work and mission.

The presentations will describe the actions, methodologies and ideas behind the HARP tool and consumer outreach. Eurac will present the analysis of building stock and heating appliances, taking into account a matrix that matches the most common solutions to the building stock divided into Single-Family House and Multi-Family House. Moreover, the project partner will provide an explanation on the energy labelling methodologies for installed heating appliances.

There are more than 105 million space heaters installed in EU countries, 58% of which are still old and inefficient. Today the renovation rate is only 4% meaning that we are far from achieving the EU 2030 climate target. As such, HARP project partner, ASSOTERMICA will give a presentation on the heating energy label for installed heating appliances as a way to increase this percentage.

Consumers’ awareness about the performance of their heating appliances is important to strengthen the initiatives related to the targets of energy efficiency in existing buildings. ENEA and OCU will discuss the opportunities of replacing old and inefficient heating systems taking the Italian system of fiscal deductions as an example.

Lastly, project partners R2M will present the investigation and conclusions regarding a policy strategy from countries where a labelling scheme of existing heating appliances is in place, with the aim to make the HARP methodology adopted as widely as possible. The presentation will finalise with a discussion with the expert panellists and the virtual audience.

Sustainable Places is a platform for the dissemination of research, the conduct of workshops, EU project clustering and networking between stakeholders of all types. Each year, Sustainable Places features topics that are shaping buildings and the built environment, which in this year’s edition include, among others, buildings, renovation and energy performance and policies, certifications and behaviours.