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HARP partners in Portugal present National Seminar on Efficient Heating

On 28 October 2021, the Portuguese HARP partners promoted the 1st National Seminar about Energy Efficient Heating within the HARP project.

Targeting organisations working in the field of energy, consumers rights and environment and sustainability, it involved more than 30 participants to discuss strategies and tools to better reach and motivate consumers to replace their inefficient heating systems.

The agenda included not only the project presentation but also the presentation of four of its deliverables – the study led by NOVA IMS about the promotion of behaviour change, the study lead by Universidade do Minho about consumers valorisation of heating co-benefits, the project approach and strategies to consumers campaigns and the HARP tool that supports consumers in their evaluation and decision of replacing their heating system.

The second part of the event was a round table with experts from ADENE – Portuguese Energy Agency, AFIQ – Association for the manufacturers and importers of burning equipments, DECO – Portuguese Association for Consumer Protection, NOVA IMS – NOVA Information Management School, and QUERCUS – National Association for Nature Conservation.

The discussion centred around the Portuguese heating market, the importance and place of a voluntary label for exiting heating appliances and the possible challenges and synergies with the national framework. The seminar also highlighted the 2nd national campaign on efficient heating, the cooperation with key stakeholders and the forthcoming events towards professionals and the consumer.