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The Heat You Know – Get to know efficient heating through a HARP game!

Energy efficient heating technologies can help to tackle climate targets by reducing CO₂ emissions but there is a lot of information relating to efficient heating. This can make access to knowledge difficult and practical solutions can be hard to obtain.

Knowing about heating and efficient solutions can help the climate goals and in order to promote the facilitated access to acquiring and sharing, HARP has created a game. ‘The heat you know’ will test knowledge and allows each question to progressively teach more about efficient heating – in a fun way.

By playing the game, citizens can have access to interesting information about efficient heating, from general definitions to technical information. Whether the users are already experts or need a first boost, this game is a step in getting to know HARP and efficient heating solutions.

Most of the currently installed stock of heating appliances in European countries are inefficient and replacing them with new, more energy efficient heating solutions, will help to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions and, thus, the environmental impact.

Throughout almost 30 questions you can learn about the dichotomy of renewable energy vs. fossil fuels, smart heating behaviours as well as energy and money savings.

The first part is the warm-up level. This first level will test the knowledge on the general facts about energy and about every day’s behaviour, such as bad habits during the heating season that can increase energy consumption and the energy bill.

In the second level, the Heat is On! This level takes the user out of their comfort zone and tests knowledge of the facts about pollution resulting from space and water heating, and about heating technologies’ energy efficiency and information available on the energy labels.

Lastly, the user has access to the High heat level! This level takes a deep dive into the specifics and offers technical and detailed questions about heating technologies.

May the heat be with you, you are on the way to becoming a heat Jedi!

Play The Heat You Know!