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sHARPen and heat your memory – Play our memory game! 

More than 60% of currently installed heating technologies in Europe are older than 15 years and inefficient, causing high energy consumption, CO2 emissions and high heating bills.  

However, there are plenty of new, efficient heating technologies to suit different needs and save people money while helping the environment. 

Want to learn more about what is on offer? Try our new memory game! 

This is a classic memory game: match pairs while racing against the clock and learn as you play. Choose your expert level and see if you can beat the time!

In the game, you will learn a lot about energy consumption, efficient technologies and what you can do to help limit climate change.

Try it now and see if you can become an expert on efficient heating technologies!

And don’t forget, you can use the HARP online tool for a free evaluation of your heating system and get information and support on how to replace your system with a more efficient solution and reduce your cost and emissions!

Play the game!