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HARP Final Conference – A new labelling for installed heating appliances in Europe?

The HARP project is coming to an end, but its relevance is more apparent than ever. 

With the energy transition at the top of Europe’s agenda and energy efficiency increasingly a priority – the heating sector has an important role to play. 

How can we support energy-efficient heating? How can we successfully promote the replacement of the old stock of inefficient heating appliances that dominate European households? 

These questions are the subject of the HARP project’s final conference. Taking place at one of Europe’s most important trade fairs, the Mostra Convegno in Milan, the HARP consortium will share the results achieved in dynamising the heating sector through the labelling of existing heating appliances.  

Supported by the principle that you can only act on what you know, the HARP strategy relied on the energy label as the preferential tool to communicate with consumers and outline the opportunities of a planned replacement of their inefficient heating appliances.  

Focusing not only on space heating but also looking into water heaters and combi appliances, the HARP consortium defined energy labelling methodologies to classify existing heating appliances and developed an online tool that allows users, both consumers and professionals, to label their existing heating appliances and check the most efficient replacement opportunities on the market.  

How these methodologies can survive beyond the HARP project and support the heating sector’s role in a clean energy transition is to be discussed among market players and public authorities, while listening to the consumer’s perspective as the primary target for fostering efficient replacement.  

Join the HARP project as we reflect on our experiences and benefit from our lessons learned and key findings!  

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When –  1 July 10:00-13:00 CET 

Where – Mostra Convegno Expocomfort, Milan

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