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Expanding energy labelling for existing heating appliances beyond the project – watch our workshop

On 29 March, HARP hosted an online workshop on extending energy labelling for existing heating appliances.

Attended by more than 50 participants, the event focused on the goals of the HARP project, what has been achieved and how to replicate the tool in non-participating countries.  

The first section of the event highlighted the why, what and how of HARP. EHI began with a presentation on the state of installed stock of heating systems in Europe. ADENE then outlined the HARP journey, from concept to online tool, followed by a more in-depth focus on the methodology from EURAC. Attendees also heard from Assotermica and ADENE about some of the first results from Italy and Portugal. 

In the next section, the event turned to policy adoption scenarios for the energy label of existing heating appliances. HARP participating countries gave some local examples before interested countries Greece and Poland discussed some of the challenges and opportunities in replicating HARP. The event closed with a debate and audience discussion. 

Did you miss the event or do you want to revisit it? You can find the presentations below and watch the recording here

  1. EHI – State of the installed stock of heating systems  
  2. ADENE – About HARP
  3. EURAC – Labelling methodology
  4. Assotermica – First results in Italy 
  5. ADENE – First results in Portugal
  6. R2M – Policy adoption scenarios
  7. Sammler – Replicating HARP in Greece
  8. SPiUG – Replicating HARP in Poland